Frequently Asked Questions

The guidelines say that the trustees support organizations that are well known to them. How can my organization become well known to the trustees?
While this is not an “invitation only” grants program, the trustees do tend to have a personal knowledge of their grantees. Feel free to call the foundation office about your request. But unless you have strong support from one of the trustees, you are advised to seek funding from other sources.

Does the foundation favor certain fields of interest ( i.e. education, housing, human services, environment)?
The largest percent of grants is for organizations that provide social services, followed by hospitals and organizations providing civic services (horticultural societies, science museums, etc.) and educational institutions. The arts and environmental issues are also supported.

Is there a preferred grant size?
Most grants fall within the range of $10,000-$25,000 – with an average grant of $15,000.

Does the foundation make multiple-year grants?

Do you support project, capital and operating costs?
Yes. We provide project, capital, and general operations support.

When does the foundation meet?
Usually in  mid May or early June and in early December.

How many applications do you receive and how many get funded?
The foundation receives 70 – 85 applications for each of the two grantmaking meetings a year and makes grants to around 25 organizations. It is unlikely that a request without strong trustee support would receive funding.